Buttery and spicy Pav bahji

What’s cooking :

Pav bahji is one of the most famous and much loved street food of Mumbai. It consists of a mash of spicy vegetables slathered in butter, and eaten scooped up with a hot bread roll.

If I had to find a comparable North American dish I would describe it as a fragrant Indian sloppy joe. Messy, comforting and utterly delicious.

Indian cuisine doesn’t have to be complicated. And, like many other cuisines, a well stocked spice cupboard will get you far. The list of ingredients in today’s recipe might look a bit exhaustive, but it uses spices that are used worldwide. They are well worth getting as you’ll use them again and again.

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Asparagus mimosa with capers and parmesan

What’s cooking :

It’s spring, at last: the start of my veggie calendar, where I track time, not with days, but with fruits and vegetables. It’s easy, with a new product hitting the market shelves each week.

At the moment, asparagus season is in full swing, and it would be silly not to share a recipe highlighting their delicate, sweet essence. Paired with eggs is a timeless combination, one that Diana Henry knows well. Inspired by the soft balance of flavours of her asparagus mimosa, I’m sharing my take on this recipe, which is a real homage to one of the first vegetable of Spring.

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Tortillas 4 ways

What’s cooking :

Who doesn’t love a bargain, because I do!

And if you are like me, you probably are feeling like you’re loosing out by settling for small packs when food sold in bulk have such tempting price tags. It’s hard to argue against doubling your purchase for a few extra pence. Jumping from a medium to a large milk bottle means saving almost 50% off the price per liter! Very tempting.

However, after conceding parts of my prized possessions to the kitchen bin I’ve been asking myself if we’re really making good deals or if we are just buying more than we can chew? Could this be the big food-stores master plan?

With their lifestyles requiring flexibility, these questions are especially relevant for the solo cooks. Most food is branded and packaged with families in mind, making manageable size for one difficult to find. Knowing how to deal with bulk purchases is a key ingredient for a healthy wallet and an eco-friendly kitchen.

In this feature, I will give you creative and useful ideas on how to use and consume tortillas to avoid food wastage as well as a few tricks that can be applied to other types of food.

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How to use your freezer efficiently

What’s cooking :

When cooking for one, the freezer is your best ally. But in order to make it your friend you need to learn how to take advantage of its qualities. It doesn’t have to be a frustrating relationship or the last stop in your food’s life. I know how disappointing coming home hungry to an ice-hard meal can be and I’ve been caught throwing away a few unidentified, frozen, items myself.

But a great kitchen is an organized kitchen. And if you plan things well you’ll have meals ready to be cooked from frozen, pre-cut meats that are quick to thaw and sauces that will soften in a heart beat.

I’ve done my research, tried many things and here’s my step by step and bullet list of tips and tricks. I hope this will help you reconcile yourself with your freezer.

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Vote for Singly Scrumptious

Dear solo cooks,

I need your help: the time to nominate your favorite blogs for the annual Saveur best food blog awards has come and I need your support.

I’ve been committed to Singly Scrumptious for a little more than a year now and through it all, your enthusiasm and support have truly been the best motivation I could have asked for. I take this subject at heart and your comments, photos and messages have reinforced my beliefs that my blog has a space on the blogosphere.

If you could take the time to vote for Singly Scrumptious by clicking on the image above or the link below I would greatly appreciate it. It will, hopefully, help me reach more people out there who could benefit from this blog. I’m not sure how far I will go in this competition, but I thought I’d give it a go. :D



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