How to use your freezer efficiently

What’s cooking :

When cooking for one, the freezer is your best ally. But in order to make it your friend you need to learn how to take advantage of its qualities. It doesn’t have to be a frustrating relationship or the last stop in your food’s life. I know how disappointing coming home hungry to an ice-hard meal can be and I’ve been caught throwing away a few unidentified, frozen, items myself.

But a great kitchen is an organized kitchen. And if you plan things well you’ll have meals ready to be cooked from frozen, pre-cut meats that are quick to thaw and sauces that will soften in a heart beat.

I’ve done my research, tried many things and here’s my step by step and bullet list of tips and tricks. I hope this will help you reconcile yourself with your freezer.

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Vote for Singly Scrumptious

Dear solo cooks,

I need your help: the time to nominate your favorite blogs for the annual Saveur best food blog awards has come and I need your support.

I’ve been committed to Singly Scrumptious for a little more than a year now and through it all, your enthusiasm and support have truly been the best motivation I could have asked for. I take this subject at heart and your comments, photos and messages have reinforced my beliefs that my blog has a space on the blogosphere.

If you could take the time to vote for Singly Scrumptious by clicking on the image above or the link below I would greatly appreciate it. It will, hopefully, help me reach more people out there who could benefit from this blog. I’m not sure how far I will go in this competition, but I thought I’d give it a go. :D



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Chicken and noodle soup

What’s cooking :

Tired of this dragging cold? Feeling under the weather?

Catching the flu is doomed to happen at least once throughout the winter, and not having someone to care for yourself when stuck in bed is one of the hardest things about living alone.

But what never fails to soothe me, no matter my living situation, is a good old-fashioned chicken and noodle soup.

This remedy is no secret, generation after generation have pulled through on this comforting broth. But if mommy’s not around to prepare her special concoction, you’ll be happy the learn it only takes a few ingredients and 15 minutes on your feet to make your own single bowlful of magic.

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Sweet Blueberry and Savory Courgette Single Serving Pancakes

What’s cooking :

Pancake day is here and with it the last chance to put on a few pounds before lent starts. So why not make the most of it and go for the bold American style instead of the wafer thin ones?

It’s also the perfect time to learn how to prepare this convenient and practical single serving batter. It’s so quick it will become your new 3am craving go-to recipe, I would bet on that.

Once you’ve got the base down you can pretty much drop in whatever you fancy. From strawberries and chocolate chips, to goat’s cheese and caramelised onions, the possibilities are endless. As I couldn’t make up my mind on just one recipe I’ve decided to share two with you: one savory, one sweet. Why pick only one when you can have both in one sitting?

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Cheesy Raclette

What’s cooking :

Here it is again, the single’s most dreaded time of the year.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it is just another reason why February should be all about comfort food, either to forget about society’s pressure or to cozy up to someone.

Personally, I’ve never been an adept of this forced celebration. Restaurants over-charge, boutique over-sell, and everything feels like a rip-off. So I tend to stay at home and indulge.

If you don’t have any plans, don’t worry, I have the perfect meal for you. You’ll find pleasure in every bite.
It’s quick, simple and totally decadent. I mean, you can’t get too cheesy on Valentine’s day, right?

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