About me

Andree-Anne cookingHi! I’m Andree-Anne, a 30-something French-Canadian cooking and eating my way through life.

I came up with the idea for this blog a few years ago: My husband and I made the life-changing decision to move to a foreign country and we lived on separate continents for 8 months before being reunited in London, UK. During that period my lifestyle changed significantly, I went from preparing and sharing a home-cooked dinner daily to living and eating by myself. As drastic as that change was, I was optimistic and filled with motivation to utilize my newly found spare time. I planned to explore new cooking techniques and develop my palate, but after a few weeks of settling into my new routine I realised I rarely was able to find the energy or the will to cook any complicated dishes. Most recipes I knew or found were to feed families or big parties, hardly adequate for my situation, and I couldn’t bear the idea of spending 2 hours preparing a meal only to share it with my TV. Not to mention the extra hour I would need to clean up after myself… That was generally a deal breaker. I could not have been the only one in this situation, surely others were struggling too. But after many researches I concluded that the single cook had simply been forgotten about.

Even though I am not in this situation anymore (or hardly, my husband still travels quite a lot), I’ve kept vivid memories of this period and I’ve promised myself I would tackle these issues in a blog. All the recipes I’ll share will have been created with the solo cook in mind: portions and wash-up time are reduced, ways to use leftovers are discussed and tips on how to stock your kitchen are shared.

As an interior designer, I’ve been trained to put myself into other people’s shoes and I will try to use this skill to offer recipes and tips that caters to different lifestyle. I hope you’ll find this blog useful and that it will make you want to treat yourself to that perfect meal.

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