Short Hiatus – Japan trip

As some of you already know, from following me on Facebook or Instagram, I have just come back from an amazing 2 weeks holiday in Japan and my head is still buzzing from all I’ve seen, tasted and heard. I planned on getting back on the blogging horse right away and share with you my discoveries but naively neglected the excruciating 9 hours jet-lag tiredness I’d be feeling and I haven’t been able to work as hard as I wanted to. With the visit of some family members in the next 2 weeks, I unfortunately won’t be able to do it all.

Not wanting to share rushed off recipes and post, I’ll be taking a short hiatus to give me time to reorganize myself and work on quality content. I should come back with inspiring food in early July.

In the meantime here are some of my holiday pictures and follow me on Instagram @aa_singlyscrumptious for some future updates.

Enjoy the start of the summer and see you in 2 weeks.

Strolling through Kyoto’s streets

Hachime fish and amaebi (shrimp) sashimi beautifully presented in an ice bowl with momiji leaves.

Peace and quite during our stay at this Ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel.

Wearing my yukata for the first time.

The magical bamboo grove.

One of the many temples around Kyoto.

Sushi master fully at work.

The master piece. Completely speechless.

The magnificent Mount-Fuji.


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